There are two choices when it comes to driveway bases. A Type 1 base which is used by most driveway experts which is clean and easy to use. However, on clay type soils, you can never guarantee that driveway tracking will not occur. This is a cheaper base but not as long lasting. A Type 2 base is a 100mm thick concrete slab base. This is a rigid type base that will not move in clay soils and will last 25 years plus. This type of base is also excellent for block paving, crazy paving and decorative slabbing. Surface drainage applicable to all three surfaces would be via channel or gully outlets.

When a driveway is started, after completion of excavation of 300mm, all drives should start off with edging being laid in 150mm of concrete before any other base material builds up. The edges are the most important part of the drive as they lock everything else into place.

All our driveways are laid to an extremely high standard for appearance and structure. Every block is cut by a use of a diamond cutter as opposed to a rough block splitter.

Please view some examples of our driveway work in the gallery page.

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